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RESCARE Solutions Private Limited(RSPL) is the Company formed with sole objective of providing the Solutions to take care of some of the basic Needs and Problems which was never taken care of before. E.g. While Constructing a house, Office, Swimming Pool, the owner or Architect spent a lot of Money for keeping the aesthetic part of design in mind. But most of them forget the most important aspect that most of the beautiful things in the world come with a possible potential hazard. In floor management part the hazards comes in the name of Slip Fall. In the USA only, the death due to Slip Fall is approximately 16000 per annum. More. . .

Americans' with Disability Act USA, states that in order for a horizontal surface to be considered safe, it must have a SCOF of 0.6 or higher. A No. 1001 treated surface is guaranteed to have a SCOF of 0.6 or higher. Scientific Details of Slippery Floor - According to ANSI* and NFSI ** standards, any floor having SCOF* of 0.5 COF*** More

Number of our Clients has used your Products, They have dramatically reduced or eliminated Slip & fall injury.
John W Russel.
Liberty Mutual Group,USA
Prior to Applications our Floor were sometimes Slippery, especially in rain & Snow fall, I have not had a single Slip Fall after applications
Steve Rima
Operator, Mcdonald,MA USA
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