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How can you prevent and minimize falls? Trusty-Step™

How does Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment Anti Slip Floor Solutions! makes a slippery ceramic or quarry tile anti-slip safe?

A passive change to a tile surface is chemically created by one of the three Trusty-Step™ liquid products used in a unique 3 stage deep clean, activate it and neutralize it anti-slip system process. Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment Anti Slip Floor Solutions! three step anti-slip system is currently being installed in many state and local government departments, disability services, community housing, health & aged care organisations, hospitals, nursing homes, hostels, retirement homes and many other industries throughout world.

The Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment will provide outstanding underfoot safety on all slippery surfaces such as: ceramic, quarry & mosaic tiles, granite, porcelain, terrazzo and concrete surfaces. kitchens, bathrooms, showers, laundries, pools, patios, steps... in fact anywhere a floor surface is a slip hazard (especially when wet) - inside or outside.

The change created within the surface of the tile is invisible to the eye. Nothing is left on the surface at all. Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment is not a sealer or a coating, in fact, after the Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment application is completed, the surface actually looks unchanged which means that on-going cleaning can be continued in the normal way.

All three products are simultaneously applied. The first product starts a cleaning process whilst at the very same time the second product creates the grip effect (the change). The third product acts as a rinsing aid when all three products are thoroughly rinsed from the surface with fresh water. Even though you can't see it - you can feel it.

On which kinds of floor can the Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment be applied?

On all hard, glazed and unglazed tiled floors
Natural stone (marble/granite/bluestone/basalt, etc.).
Always test a small area first. As a result of its complex composition, natural stone is not always suitable for the Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment. -Cement floors, -Porcelain bathtubs.

Can I use the Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment in my bathtub or shower tray?

It can be used in porcelain bathtubs. Unfortunately, it cannot be used in plastic bathtubs. For plastic bathtubs, you can use our aquatape, which has been specially developed for this use.

Can Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment will work on all types of Marble?

Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment will work on the vast majority of marble from wherever it is sourced but there are about 30,000 variations to the structure of Marble and we have come across a few that do not respond to the treatment.

If you make up to 3 test applications on the same area and there is no significant improvement in the COF then it will be one of those occasions when the treatment does not work, but that does not happen very often. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. If in doubt, pre-test in an out-of-the-way area to determine effectiveness and also aesthetic change, if any.

How can Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment stop the growth of the bacteria?

Bacteria/mold stop growing on the treated floor, because Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment Anti Slip Floor Solutions! covers all the pores where water collects. Without persistent water, microbes will not grow well.

How safe environmentally our product is?

Our product does contain a small amount of acid but it does not contain Hydrofluoric or Phosphoric Acids and does not require a special neutralizing agent; it is just washed away with clean cold water.

Our product is virtually free of odour, contains no VOC’s and is 100% Biodegradable What effect human skin will have once we treat floors/bath tubs and hotel guests would use treated floors/bath tubs. No effect at all; our product never comes into contact with skin. The product is applied, there is a short period of activation and then it is rinsed away.

Only the original surface material remains e.g. ceramic tile etc. Once the anti slip treatment has been applied and rinsed away there is no residue to effect human skin. However when the product is on the surface all care must be taken to ensure that the anti slip treatment does not come into contact with human skin.

Is there any guarantee that treated floor will not change colour/discolour or fade after few days/months of treatment?

As you will see in the “Application Instructions” we always recommend that a small test is carried out in an inconspicuous area to ensure there is no adverse reaction. In 95% of cases there will be no adverse reaction but there may be a few cases where the treatment is not appropriate.

As we state in the Instructions Black or very dark tiles may fade a little because these tiles contain artificial colourants which could react with our product and glazed tiles may loose some of their shine because the micro-pores we create break the surface of the glazing coat.

Once the treatment has been completed and the rinsing process carried out the reaction is finished and there is nothing left so after the initial treatment nothing changes.

If you review our web site client page you will find many prestigious hotels both in the UK and internationally where our product has been applied including such brands as Marriott & Hilton.

The pre-application test will enable you to determine if there is the potential for any change and establish with you client the suitability of the treatment. This is your choice as the contractor. It will lighten or whiten dark surfaces and if the surface has been over treated it will dull or lighten.

How much Acid in Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment?

There is a very small quantity of acid in our product; as with all these types of products. Please read the following note in answer to your questions about competitors’ products.

How long will the Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment application take?

The application follows 3 Steps, Step 1-deep cleaning, Step 2- Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment application and Step 3- neutralization. 300-400 sq ft takes approximately 1-2 hours.

After the Trusty-Step™ ™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment, will the gloss disappear?

It depends on which type of tiles. In some cases, the gloss may fade slightly, although the tile's original aspect will not be affected. Always try out a small area if it is the result you want.

Is the Trusty-Step™ ™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment resistant to urine or chemical such as chlorine, road salt, acid?

Yes, Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment is resistant to these substances. These substances do not harm the system.

My floor has a white haze after being treated. Is there anything I can do?

We call this the “whitening effect”. This particularly occurs on darker floors and will disappear within 14 days if the floor is cleaned regularly.

Can I use a high-pressure hose to clean a treated patio?

Yes, but do not hold the water jet too close to the tiles, because this may not only affect the Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment Anti Slip Floor Solutions! but also your tiles.

On marble surface, property owner grind and polish their marble floors quite often. If they polish marble floor in that case will Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment will no longer work?

The micro-pores created by the treatment are typically 30 to 40 microns in depth so if, after the treatment, the surface is subjected to grinding the micro-pores will very quickly disappear and the treatment will not be effective. Dry buffing with a light duty pad will be okay from time to time.

How difficult to use Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment?

Our products are very user friendly; we provide step by step Application Instructions;

What is the impact of weather and moisture on product and treated floor?

Weather & Moisture has no detrimental impact on our product.

How do I maintain the Anti Slip floor?

Anti Slip floors are cleaned as normal daily cleaning procedure with floors cleaners preferably PH neutral which will not leave any residue behind on the floor. Scrub the treated floor every month or whenever necessary to free the surface pores from any other contaminants. (**do not use heavy soapy soap/wax/polish/crystallization materials as these products may block and prevent the Trusty-Step™ ™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment Anti Slip Floor Solutions! to react with moist.) Soap cleaning products, coatings, impregnating products, wax, polymers and crystallization materials have an negative effect on the Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment.

Can I polish or wax the Trusty-Step™ ™ Anti Slip Liquid Treated Anti Slip floors?

No. The Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment Anti Slip Floor Solutions! is to reduce the floor slipperiness. Wax or polish applied after treatment will make the treated surfaces slippery again and furthermore prevent the Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment Anti Slip Floor Solutions! from reacting with moist.

What is not guaranteed?

Trusty-Step™ Anti Slip Liquid Treatment Anti Slip Floor Solutions! does not guarantee you will not slip and fall. Every day, people slip and fall for hundreds of reasons. eg. Slip and fall on banana peels, soap bars, spill food... What we stated here is after treatment the coefficient of friction has increased, that you chances of falling on a wet slippery floor will be greatly reduced.

Warranty on treated floors ?

The longevity of any warranty you give is at your discretion. You will see by the test how our product works. The factors to be considered are “A” how hard is the surface of the product you are treating and “B” what is the level of traffic the surface receives.

Based on these two criteria we have found that in virtually all circumstances a minimum period of 2 years presents no problem and typically periods of up to 5 years are easily achieved; often the service life will be a lot longer. It is always important to ensure that within the terms of any guarantee you offer you specifically include a clause covering cleaning and maintenance.

If this is not carried out on a correct and regular basis the micro-pores that produce the ant-slip effect will become blocked with dirt and body fat tissue etc and this will radically reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

The treatment typically lasts UP TO five years. Guarantee depends upon how user would take care of treated surface. The key is how is the surface maintained. What do they use to clean and maintain and also the type of traffic, soil and contamination. . This depends on the type of surface that has been treated and the level of wear it will be subjected to. Usually our Applicators give a service life of at least 2 years provided the surface is correctly cleaned and maintained; typically the treatment will last a lot longer before re-treatment is required.

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