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In order to make floors safe, it is important to apply the appropriate anti slip product on the correct surface, with the proper surface preparation and then to maintain the surface appropriately. The nature of the traffic and the nature of the floor surface are to be considered. Areas designed for heavy vehicular traffic require a more aggressive and durable product than areas designed for pedestrian foot traffic. When contaminants combine with a naturally smooth, non porous surface such as steel, concrete, tile, slips and falls are the result. Trusty-Step™ Range Products have developed the most complete range of floor safety products in the world.

Trusty-Step™ Product Range is designed for varied situations ranging from industrial applications with vehicular traffic to commercial applications where aesthetics are as important as safety.

Therefore Trusty-Step™ Product Range are being used at various Market Segment e.g. Hospitality, Restaurants, Industrial, Health Care, Marine and Yachting, Public Transit, Recreational Vehicle Safety, Transportation, Military, Schools and Universities, Municipalities, Aircraft, Theatre, Financial Institutions, Shopping Mall, Mining, Stadium and Sporting facilities and Residential area particularly at Bathroom, Toilet, Kitchen, Staircase and/or any Slippery Surface.

Trusty-Step™ Range of Anti Slip products has been considered as World’s No.1 in this Segment because of its successful use of this Product in USA, Europe Australia & Asia for last 22 years.

We all share a concern for the prevention of slip injuries. Our goal is to offer the most complete range of quality floor safety and maintenance products so as to help create a safer environment for us all.

Rescare Solutions Pvt. Limited sole Objective is to offer the most complete range of quality floor safety and maintenance products so as to help create a safer environment to all Indians

How Trusty-Step™ Range of Slip Resistance Products Work

All natural stone tiles including marbles, ceramic, vitrified tiles porcelain tubs contains a small amount of silica. Trusty-Step™ range of Slip Resistance Products is specifically formulated to dissolve a controlled amount of silica so as to create thousands of minute, shallow indentations on the surface. The profile is so subtle that it cannot be seen or felt. As the profile sits BELOW the level of the surface, it does not affect the cleaning process as with a profile that would stand ABOVE the surface such as any Slip Resistance Coating. When the surface is wet due to water with these shallow indentations filled, as one stands on the wet surface, one foot may start to slide. At that point, the water is squeezed out of the indentations which turn into thousands of suction cups which arrest the foot from slipping. All that is required is good housekeeping to keep the surface free of soil accumulations and soaps on a regular basis.

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